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Reduces migraine attacks, indigestion, backache and heartburn. Helps sleep better with less anxiety or stress.


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HealthAid Magnesium Orotate 500mg contain a highly absorbable form of magnesium i.e. Magnesium Orotate. It provides essential mineral magnesium to the body, which is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions. 

Bone is a living tissue and to help keep it healthy, you need the right nutrients in your daily diet. Magnesium is necessary for metabolism of Calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and vitamin C. It helps convert blood sugar to energy. It is useful in muscular cardiovascular and nervous functions.

The well-balanced formula helps maintain strong bones and teeth, as well as good health of the heart, muscles and nerves. HealthAid Magnesium Orotate is specially chelated for maximum absorption and utilisation.

Why HealthAid Magnesium Orotate Tablets?

  • May help strengthen bone structure and teeth
  • May help with menstrual cramps
  • May help alleviate the symptoms associated with osteoporosis and arthritis
  • May help with backaches & aching bones
  • May help alleviate muscle cramps, restless legs & other circulatory concerns
  • May help with sleep, sleep quality and sleep induction due to magnesium’s role in tackling anxiety and stress
  • May help to prevent headaches, tension headaches and migraines
  • Does not cause diarrhoea commonly associated with other forms of magnesium

HealthAid Magnesium Orotate Tablets may benefit:

  • People suffering from migraine, as it helps to reduce the symptoms
  • Those who wish to minimizes frequency and severity of migraine attacks
  • Those seeking optimal cardiovascular health
  • Those with blocked arteries; it can be a miracle nutrient backed by a substantial, positive history in experimental and clinical¬†medicine
  • People who wish to reduce symptoms of indigestion and heartburn

Recommended Daily Intake
1 Serving (1 Tablet) daily or as suggested by healthcare professional

Free From: Gluten, Yeast, Wheat, Dairy Products, Soya, Sugar, Salt, Artificial Colours & Flavourings

Net quantity: 30 Tablets

Suitable for: Vegetarian

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