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Takes good care of your hair. Improves your hair’s health, shine, growth and strength.

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Takes good care of your hair. Improves your hair’s health, shine, growth and strength. 

Hair-vit capsules are specially formulated to provide vital nutrients required for healthy-looking hair. They are rich in B Vitamins and Essential Amino Acids which help nurture the texture and thickness of the hair. They also help retain the hair colour.  Essential supplement to maintain strong and healthy hair. It is suitable for men and women.

Why HealthAid Hair-vit Capsules?

  • May help to nourish the hair follicle, thicken hair and increase shine 
  • May help to reduce hair loss in men and women
  • Beneficial in reducing hair loss for those on medication and radiation
  • May prevent hair loss for people suffering from skin disease, stress and anxiety
  • Provides whole range of essential vitamins and minerals for the healthy growth of hair
  • Rich in B Vitamins, Amino Acids and Zinc to help enrich the texture, volume and colour of the hair
  • Added dose of 5000 mcg of Biotin which will help boost hair growth
  • Added Yeast, Collagen Hydrolysed for improving hair growth, providing hair repair and prevention of split ends

HealthAid Hair-vit Capsules may benefit:

  • People who have unhealthy looking hair due to poor diet
  • People who experience periods of extreme stress
  • People who feel that they shed more hair than normal 
  • People who are exposed to harsh pollutants
  • People who want to nourish their hair
  • People who use products for hair styling
  • People who want to maintain the texture and shine
  • People who want to increase the length, volume and speed of hair growth

 Recommended Daily Intake
1 Serving (1 Capsule) daily can be increased to 2 if required

Free From: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy Products, Soya, Sugar, Salt, Artificial Colours and Flavourings.

Net quantity: 90 Capsules

Suitable for: Non-Vegetarians

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