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Helps in fat loss and maintains lean muscle mass.


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CLA may be one of the most comprehensively studied weight loss supplement in the world. CLA improves the way the body stores and utilizes energy, therefore regulating and lowering body fat percentages. CLA assists the body to burn fat while improving and enhancing the toning of muscles. For maximum benefit, use HealthAid CLA in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and moderate exercise.

Why HealthAid CLA capsule?

  • Helps reduce body fat and improve lean body mass
  • Aids weight loss and healthy weight management
  • It helps clear the body toxins and improves energy levels
  • It helps reduce the bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol

HealthAid CLA capsule may benefit:

  • People who wish to loose fat
  • Those who wish to have healthy lean muscle mass
  • Those going to the gym and need the energy to burn the extra fat and tone muscles

Recommended Daily Intake
1 Serving (1 Capsule) daily can be increased to 2 Capsules if required

Free From: Yeast, Gluten, Wheat, Dairy Products, Soya, Sugar, Salt, Artificial Colours&Flavourings.

Net quantity: 30 Softgel Capsules
Suitable for: Non-Vegetarian

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